The key attributes of the Niveda Group are:

  1. Multi-family office comprising of East African and South Asian families.
  2. Headquarters in London, UK.
  3. 14 team members across 3 geographical locations – London, Nairobi, Mumbai.
  4. 7 of 14 team members are from client families.
  5. Two core sectors of focus:
    • Real Estate – Residential Development, Commercial Development and Hospitality Development.
    • Finance - Wealth Advisory, Corporate Advisory and Property Finance.

The values at Niveda originate from its founding families, passed down through several generations of hardship, perseverance, transformation and enterprise, until eventual prosperity. The humble journey began several centuries ago in Asia, where the ancestral families of the Niveda Group were scholars, warriors, farmers or businessmen. These families migrated in large numbers across the Indian subcontinent in search for better climate, safety and new opportunities. It was as recent as the nineteenth century when families began migrating out of Asia, most notably to East Africa where they ventured into a multitude of sectors within commerce. Even up to this period, most families lived simple lives bound by strong family traditions and spiritual beliefs. In the twentieth century, families began spreading their wings across the world, now having large communities in India, East Africa, the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and South Africa. Most of these families have prospered tremendously over the last century, and have transformed the quality of life not just for themselves, but also for the people around them.

About Us

The Niveda Group is a multi-family office comprising of East African and South Asian families. We have two core sectors of focus - real estate and finance. The Group's strength lies in its ethos of co-investment amongst client families, investor-aligned performance remuneration, and specialised in-house control functions led by members of underlying client families. Our families' wealth of experience and expertise enhances the quality of our management, execution and deliverability on our investment projects and opportunities.

In the real estate realm, Niveda Realty has a specialty in real estate development in two niche markets, London and Nairobi. Our projects and operations cover the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors of real estate, and our projects range in size from GBP 3m to GBP 100m.

Niveda Finance provides fast, short-term loans to real estate professionals in the UK. These loans are secured against commercial and investment real estate assets, and are issued at interest rates as low as 1% per month for up to 75% LTV. Our loan sizes range from GBP 100,000 up to GBP 25m.

On the wealth advisory front, Niveda Wealth is a private investment partnership that invests in financial securities for high-net-worth professional individuals and families. We follow a conservative, value-investing approach with a long-term investment horizon. We are unique due to our conservative risk/reward ratio, co-investment from our investment advisors and principals, remuneration based on high watermark, and full daily mark-to-market transparency on all investments.

Niveda Industries, our corporate advisory division advises our clients and partners on company acquisitions, private company investments, strategic investments and disposals. We draw on the deep global experience of our team and associates across a multitude of sectors including technology, building materials, real estate, energy, food & beverages, agriculture and education.